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Halloween Special #2 – "Portlock, Alaska" – with Brian Weed The Missing and Unexplained Podcast

Throughout the 1920, 30’s, and 40’s strange things happened in a small, oceanside town on the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula known as Portlock (Port Chatham). Portlock was a seemingly quiet cannery town. But people started to go missing while others were found seemingly brutally murdered or killed. Rumours began to circulate of a large yeti like creature stalking the woods. There were reports of man-like tracks 18 inches in length. People claimed to see and hear a wailing spirit, wandering the woods. I spoke to Brian Weed to try and find some answers. Check out Brian's Facebook Group, "Juneau's Hidden History". Support the show on PatreonSupport the show on Buy me a Coffee—DISCLAIMER:The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are that of the creator and do not necessarily reflect that of any of the guests on this show. Assumptions or commentary made in the analysis are not reflective of the position of any entity other than the creator – and, since I am a critically-thinking human being, these views are always subject to change, revision, correction, or rethinking at any time.—FACEBOOK: @MissingUnexplainedPodINSTAGRAM: @missingunexplainedpodTWITTER: @missingXpodEMAIL: tyler@themissingpod.comWEBSITE:—Credits: Theme Music: Premium Beat, Dark Woods by Colorfilm Music  Artwork: Photo from Unsplash (Shapelined), design by Tyler Hooper Writing, Producing, Interviewing, and Editing: Tyler Hooper Sound Engineering and Mastering: Manfred Lotz Support the show
  1. Halloween Special #2 – "Portlock, Alaska" – with Brian Weed
  2. Halloween Special #1 – "Phantom Ships" – with author Shanon Sinn
  3. NEW PODCAST – True to the Story: The Interpreters – A Trailer
  4. Kris "Sherpa" Fowler – Episode 4 – To the Brink
  5. Kris "Sherpa" Fowler – Episode 3 – Needle in a Haystack

The Interpreters – Episode 3 – "Khan" True to the Story

From 2001-2014, over the course of 14 years, more than 40, 000 Canadian soldiers participated in the longest war in Canadian history. Now in 2021 many of these Canadian Afghan war vets are fighting a different fight: Their fighting to get these same interpreters who helped them in Afghanistan to safety in Canada. This is the story of these interpreters, the crucial role they played in helping the Canadian Armed Forces, and their ultimate journey to try and seek shelter in Canada…In this third and final episode I talk to an interpreter named "Khan" who underwent an epic journey to try and make it to Canada.  —Support the show on PatreonSupport the show on Buy me a Coffee —If you would like to donate directly to the interpreters, please check out: Veterans Transition NetworkAfghan-Canadian Interpreters  —FACEBOOK: @truetothestorypodTWITTER: @Truetothe_StoryEMAIL:—Credits: Theme Music: We are Giants, Silver MapleVO Music: David Celeste, Pattern View Writing, Producing, Interviewing, and Editing: Tyler Hooper Sound Engineering and Mastering: Manfred Lotz 
  1. The Interpreters – Episode 3 – "Khan"
  2. The Interpreters – Episode 2 – "James" and "Junior"
  3. The Interpreters – Episode 1 – "Raz"
  4. The Interpreters – Trailer
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