I’m proud to say that in 2023 I published a long-form feature with The Atavist Magazine. It’s about a ship, the Valencia, and its horrific demise on the rocks off the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

I love telling stories, particularly long-form yarns that involve history, crime, or quirky people. I’ve written stories for The Atavist Magazine, CBC, VICE, The Vancouver Sun, and others. The CBC turned one of my VICE features into a documentary.

I host, edit, produce and write two podcasts: The Missing and Unexplained and True to the Story. The former is primarily about missing persons, and the latter’s first season looked at the plight of Afghan interpreters who worked with the Canadian military. You can listen to both where you get your podcasts.

I occasionally appear on the Nighttime Podcast, where I talk about crime. I have also appeared as a guest on other podcasts, including the famous Unsolved Mysteries Podcast.

I also have a Bachelor’s and Master of Arts degree in history and a Certificate in journalism.

I have a blog over at Medium where I ramble about my interests, give updates on the podcasts and talk about my published work.

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Questions or complaints should be directed to: tyhooper8@gmail.com

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